Makersadda is a studio space that renders a conducive surrounding for bringing out the maker in each individual. Our studio is equipped with machinery, tools, art accessories and a wide range of material for putting one’s own imagination into being and actually creating it. Along with an ambiance that pumps in energy and never lets you down, we have a team of experts that’ll guide you through the satisfying process of making. We at becoming a hub where experimenters prototype their designs along with family and friends hanging out together.


This DIY space is open for everyone who takes interest in art, humanities, science, technology, engineering, robotics, mechanics, innovation, invention and creativity. With n number of permutations and combinations of above mentioned areas, we can put almost any and every idea into action, irrespective of age, educational qualifications or gender.

We welcome one and all to join us at our very own Makersadda. 

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